Greetings, Everyone!

I just wanted to say hello and to re-introduce you to my site. I am currently revamping my site so that I can upload my scholarly and devotional writing, as well as resurrecting my blog. I will be fully up and running soon.

It is my desire to keep you posted with my adventures as a PhD student at Dallas Theological Seminary and to provide teaching and words of inspiration on this site.

Feel free to say Hi! back so I know who is checking this out.

There is only one rule of thumb for this site…I will only keep this site active as long as it honors God!…Therefore, if you are responding to anything you might see here, please remember to keep it loving and truthful…I will remove anything that does not honor God…This is not to say that you cannot disagree with me…healthy debate among God-fearing people is acceptable and encouraged…BUT it must be done in truth and love.

More to come later…

Welcome! From The King’s Daughter!