Welcome to The King’s Daughter!


Here are some things that I believe:

Personal Mission Statement: I believe that God has placed me on this Earth to introduce others to spiritual health and wholeness in Christ. This includes helping others to identify who they are in relation to God and what their unique purpose is in life. The Word of God clearly articulates that a significant part of the Missio Dei is for humanity to not only be reunited with the One who created them, but also that they discover who he made them to be and their unique place and purpose in his plan. I am blessed to be a part of God’s plan and welcome the opportunity to introduce (or in some cases, reintroduce) God’s children to him.

Vision: To be leading a community of believers who place high value on the supremacy of Christ, the authority of Scripture and value spiritual health and wholeness. This vision includes living a lifestyle that provides a direct witness of my personal mission and core values. I am committed to fulfilling the unique plan that God has for my life and placing Jesus at the center of every area of my life. To lead in any other way is a dishonor to him if any portion of my life falls out of his rule and reign.

Values: Some of my non-negotiable core values include:
The validity Scripture and the absolute authority of the Scripture in the life of the individual believer and the universal Church of Christ.

The necessity of life-long learning in the lives of true disciples of Christ.

That all areas of life are subject to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ.

That it is the responsibility of the believer to live a lifestyle that aligns with the ideal plan God set forth for them subsequent to accepting reconciliation with him. That is, one cannot claim salvation and demonstrate a lifestyle contrary to God’s core values. This does not mean that a believer will never stumble or fall, but is not actively pursuing sinful lifestyles.

That all people are loved and are valuable to God.

That God set in motion a plan to reconcile all people to himself and that those people will come to enjoy relationship with him and experience all the benefits commiserate with that relationship. These people, who exist today as separate, distinct people groups will be drawn back together as the singular people of God.

That Jesus will return on a yet future and unknowable date to commence his earthly rule and reunite bodily with his redeemed people.

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